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Elliptical stamped seamless caps

The elliptical stamped seamless caps are made with hydraulic extrusion from a sheet of metal, i.e. a part of the sheet of the desired size is cut off, then heated and using a special hydraulic press a cap is extruded from the sheet. This method of manufacturing is called stamping, so the caps are commonly called stamped. They have a small weight and dimensions and without a single weld.


Rotary caps

Rotary caps (obturators) are usually made by two methods: the first is casting when molten metal is poured into the mold and after solidification the workpiece is machined; the second is cutting (gas or plasma) a workpiece from a sheet of metal, it is cut from a single sheet of metal, a workpiece consists of three parts (a ring, a connecting insert and a cap), then all three parts are machined and welded. Rotary caps (obturators) made by casting are cheaper, since with such a manufacturing method there is very little waste, but there is always a risk that air cavities, which are often appear while casting, may be inside and therefore such caps are less reliable. Manufacturing by cutting from a metal sheet leaves much more waste, so the rotary caps (obturators) are more expensive, but their quality is higher since there are no air cavities.



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