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Curved elbows

Elbows are made with 3° to 90° rotation angles and 3 °gradation. E lbows with 1 °gradation and 1 ° to 90 °bending angles are also allowed. The standard sizes in outer diameter are 76 to 530 mm.


Stamped Curved  elbows

They are made with 1 DN and 1.5 DN radii. The standard sizes in outer diameter are 32-426 mm


Sector elbows (R=1,5 Dy)

Welded sector elbows are used to connect pipes with large diameter having a certain angle of flow rotation working under low pressure. The angle of welded elbows depends on usage area and terms of use. Different angles are allowed in manufacturing, but the most usable are 30°, 45°, 60° и 90° angles


Stamped welded elbows

Stamped welded elbows are welded from two curved half-shells made of stamping from sheet steel of the equal strength class and nominal thickness.

The advantages of stamped welded elbows:

  • low cost;
  • high accuracy of workpieces;
  • anti-corrosion metal properties, as well as its strength and reliability preservation.



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