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Stamped seamless reducers

Seamless eccentric and concentric reducers are used in various pipelines including those controlled by supervisory authorities and designed to change the diameter of the a pipeline.

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Eccentric Concentric


Turned seamless reducers

Turned reducers are made by turning a cast workpiece (forgings). The workpiece is an ordinary metal rectangle which a reducer is turned from as a result of machine treatment.

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Eccentric Concentric


Welded reducers

Welded reducers are used in large-diameter pipelines under low pressure. Currently they are in all pipeline types or distance-heating pipes. There are two ways of manufacturing: the first is when two ready-made reducer’s halves, pre-cut from a sheet of metal, are welded and then rolled on specialized equipment; the second is when one sheet, which is cut to the desired size, is rolled on specialized equipment, its edges are then welded. Rolling is a technological operation of a sheet deformation in a certain direction or radial deformation of a pipe. In other words, rolling is when a sheet of metal is taken and driven between two metal rollers rotating in different directions, thus obtaining the required geometry.


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